Black Moonlight

Written by Amy Patricia Meade
Review by Veronika Pelka

Black Moonlight is the latest addition to the Marjorie McClelland mystery series by writer Amy Patricia Meade. If you are unfamiliar with this series, think Nick and Nora Charles or Tommy and Tuppence or even Miss Marple—only younger and sexier and with a husband. Instead of meeting in the traditional English country house, this dysfunctional family has come together on a secluded island near Bermuda.

It is 1935. The just-married Marjorie McClelland and her millionaire husband Creighton Ashcroft expected to spend their honeymoon in seclusion but instead, find the vacation home filled with an assortment of relations. When Creighton Ashcroft’s father is found murdered, he is accused of the crime. Marjorie who is a mystery writer and part-time crime solver, sets out to prove her husband’s innocence.

This whodunit has a well constructed plot and has just the right amount of oddball characters to make you wonder who the killer is until the very end. It’s a light fun read and will prove a pleasant diversion.