Beyond Seduction

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Alice Logsdon

The 6th Earl of Crowhurst, Gervase Tregarth, has problems. There have been a series of strange incidents at Crowhurst Castle, near Falmouth, each requiring his immediate attention and a hurried trip from London. His three young half-sisters appear to be responsible for them all. Furthermore, he is in need of an heir to insure that his estate doesn’t revert to the Crown at his death.

Madeline Gascoigne, guardian of her three half-brothers since their father’s death eight years earlier, is the de facto head of Treleaver Park. In this capacity, she has earned a level of esteem and trust rarely shown to women in the year 1816. She hardly knows Crowhurst, due to his years spent working undercover in France during the war, but is close to his half-sisters and step-mother. She takes her responsibilities seriously and has never thought of marriage.

This sixth novel in the Bastion Club series has everything that readers of Laurens’ Regency romances expect, including lively dialogue, well-meshed, intriguing subplots, and likeable main characters. Characters from previous novels reappear in supporting roles. Naturally, there is a generous amount of steamy sex.