Beyond Scandal and Desire

Written by Lorraine Heath
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

Mick Trewlove, a wealthy, successful builder, has risen literally from the ash bins of 1871 London. He now has one goal in his sites: to be claimed as the illegitimate son of nobility. On his way there he plans to wreak ruination on the family that gave him to a “baby farmer.” Things go awry almost as soon as he meets the orphaned and sheltered Lady Aslyn Hastings, ward of the family he’s out to destroy. Because Aslyn is both kind and passionately drawn to him.

Lorraine Heath maintains her beloved icon of historical romance status in this tale full of secrets, a darkly alluring hero and his effervescent, courageous lady. Drama, humor and adventure abound. The dark underside of Victorian life is depicted without flinching or papering over. Redemption and forgiveness save the day as, of course, love conquers all. Heath is an author to follow for the best of the romance genre. Highly recommended.