Beyond All Price

Written by Carolyn Poling Schriber
Review by Laura Lloyd

To escape a life of poverty, 23-year-old Nellie Chase volunteers as a nurse with the 100th Pennsylvania Roundhead Regiment during the American Civil War. Although she has no formal nursing experience, Nellie’s character and skills quickly convince Colonel Daniel Leasure to promote her to regiment matron in charge of assisting doctors and overseeing other female volunteers. Nellie faithfully serves with the Roundheads until gossip and illness force her to leave her post. She volunteers for the New York Highlanders and, through a subsequent series of jobs, eventually becomes head matron of a 600-bed Tennessee hospital.

Based on the actual life of Nellie M. Chase, Beyond All Price is as thoroughly researched as the gaps in Chase’s life permit. Combining facts, historical figures, and quotes from contemporary documents, the novel reads more like an interesting history than a fast-paced work of fiction—readers interested in women’s roles during the Civil War will enjoy it.