Written by Sandra Schwab
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1820, a magical mishap that turns her uncle’s house blue sends Amelia Bourne to the marriage mart in London, stripped of all her powers. At a ball one evening, Amelia suddenly (and mysteriously) becomes enchanted by the rakish Sebastian “Fox” Stapleton, a man she had previously abhorred. After sipping some punch, the two are swept away by their unexpected passion. Fox and Amelia soon remove to the Stapleton country estate to celebrate their engagement.

While at Rawdon Park, a few inexplicable events cause Amelia to wonder about this sudden love affair. Sensing dark magic, Amelia must figure out who is causing trouble, and why. And of course, she must discover if the heat she feels for Fox is truly love, or just a spell.

With such a promising storyline, it was disappointing when the plot fell short. Amelia is supposed to be a witch, but Schwab strips all powers from her in the prologue, leaving just a story about a girl in love. Amelia starts out as a strong character, but after the spell, she becomes a silly wishy-washy girl. As a Regency romance, this was an adequate read, but it did not bewitch this reader in any way.