Betrayed By Your Kiss

Written by Laura Landon
Review by Nancy Attwell

As Lady Olivia Sheridan awaits the formal announcement of her engagement to Damien Bedford, Earl of Iversley, she is certain that all her dreams are about to come true. Her hopes are brutally shattered when Damien is accused of causing the death of a young debutante and, shortly thereafter, a reward is offered to anyone who kills him. Fearing for Damien’s life, Olivia takes steps to save him. Four years pass. When Damien finally returns to London, it soon becomes evident that he blames Olivia for the hardships he has endured. Damien presses Olivia to marry him, but his passion is now fueled by hatred rather than love.

The lack of historical authenticity, combined with an artificiality of plotting, will bother many readers, especially those with knowledge of the Victorian period. On the plus side, the strong flow of the narrative creates genuine interest in the outcome of the romance. If not taken too seriously, Betrayed By Your Kiss is a light and enjoyable read.