Beneath A Prairie Moon

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

Abigail Grant had been betrayed by people she loved and thrown off the social ladder in 1888 Boston. Wanting a husband, she had offered herself as a mail-order bride. Her fastidious ways have caused her to be rejected by six prospects. Matchmaker Helena Bingham gives Abigail one last chance—in Kansas. Sixteen men from a small town have ordered brides from Mrs. Bingham. Abigail—educated and refined to a fault—is assigned to train the men in proper behavior before their brides will be provided.

Abigail and Mrs. Bingham face hard work, setbacks, and real danger as they prepare the well-meaning but uncouth men of Spiveyville to receive their brides. Abigail makes friends with hardware store owner Mack Cleveland, who helps her feel secure enough to drop her obnoxious mask and reveal the loving, godly woman she really is.

The plot of this Christian book is a little far-fetched, but if readers can suspend disbelief and go along for the ride, they will enjoy this heartfelt story where faith in God conquers all problems and brings the characters to a satisfactory resolution.