Beneath a Hunter’s Moon: A Western Story

Written by Michael Zimmer
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1832, hunter Big John McTavish rescues a young fur trapper named Pike from an ambush by Chippewas. Pike joins up with McTavish, who is living with the Métis at Pambina. The Métis are a mixed-breed of hunters descended from Indian tribes and British or French-Canadian trappers. This story involves the relationship between McTavish, his protégé Gabriel Gilray, his daughter Celine, and Pike, who is on the trail of a killer.

I have read other Michael Zimmer westerns, and this one didn’t disappoint. The book is filled with action, unusual characters and a fast-paced plot. I highly recommend this novel of the early West when the buffalo roamed the plains and white men competed with the Indians for the meat and the coats from the buffalo herds. A surprise ending enhances the reading experience. I can’t wait for Zimmer’s next Western.