Behind the Shattered Glass

Written by Tasha Alexander
Review by Elena Maria Vidal

The English countryside is the setting of Tasha Alexander’s latest Lady Emily mystery, set in Victorian times. Lady Emily, the eccentric heroine of the series, has settled into domestic bliss with her husband Colin, their twin baby boys and their infant ward at Colin’s ancestral estate. Emily’s only problem is her mother, whose traditional ideas are in constant war with Colin’s Socialist convictions.

Suddenly, the local philandering marquess walks into Emily and Colin’s drawing room and drops dead. Finding themselves with a corpse on their hands, they undertake to investigate the fate of the unfortunate marquess, who, naturally, turns out to have been murdered. There are several suspects, the victim having wreaked havoc with the virtue of many young women, leaving a web of seductions and lies in his wake. As Colin and Emily make inquiries near and far, there is drama close to home, as a previously unknown heir arrives to claim the deceased’s estate as his inheritance. In spite of their love of new trends and ideas, both hero and heroine embody the best of noblesse oblige, and the wit and insight they use in solving the crime make for an entertaining read.