Becoming Lucy

Written by Martha Rogers
Review by Nan Curnutt

In 1896, sixteen-year-old Lucinda Bishop, a wealthy Bostonian, lost her parents in a tragic accident. Fearing her own life is threatened, she travels to the Oklahoma frontier to live with her aunt and uncle. Lucinda must quickly adjust to a more primitive life than she has known. One of her uncle’s ranch hands, Jake Starnes, is immediately attracted to Lucinda, and she feels her heart responding to him. She knows she can’t marry him, though, because he’s not a Christian like she is. Jake also has a mysterious past he will not discuss. He seems as wild as the frontier.

This is the first book of the author’s Winds Across the Prairie series set in Barton Creek, Oklahoma. Author Martha Rogers is especially descriptive of the household chores the women face each day, highlighting the difficulties of frontier life. She vividly describes the harsh weather conditions of the prairie and some of their devastating effects. Although this story has a typical, comfortable plot of growing love and faith overcoming adversity, the complex personalities of the people of Barton Creek and descriptions of frontier life set it apart. Inspirational readers of prairie romances will adore this new series.