Banquo’s Son

Written by T. K. Roxborogh
Review by Viviane Crystal

The greedy, maniacal and brutal tyrant Macbeth has murdered his king, Duncan, the entire family of another thane, MacDuff, and Macbeth’s own cousin Banquo. The proud people of Scotland in the mid-11th century are delighted when King Malcolm kills Macbeth, but Banquo’s son Fleance, or Flea as he is nicknamed to protect his identity, retains sad and frightening fragments of memory about his father’s murder and his own harrowing escape.

Now we have the magnificent story of Fleance’s adoption by common parents who trained him in military skills and honor equal to that of any royal son. Now we also encounter the ghost of his father, who appears and demands revenge for his murder. Fleance will fall in love, sacrifice that love to satisfy his father’s command, save the life of the future King of Scotland, meet enemies who see him as a royal threat and more in tension-ridden scenes. Fleance is about to begin a journey that will prepare him for a future he would never have imagined.

What is fascinating about this riveting story is the role of the three “witches” who tempted Macbeth and now Fleance, the bizarre behavior of King Donalbain, and of course the mystery Fleance seeks to solve: who precisely murdered his father for Macbeth? The author also skillfully presents the memories and points of view of royal and common characters who lived through those tempestuous times that almost destroyed this noble land of Scotland. Banquo’s Son is superb historical fiction that this reader hated to end. Readers will be eagerly anticipating the next novel in this series by this very skilled writer!