Bad Boys Ahoy!

Written by Sylvia Day
Review by Debra Rodensky


In “Stolen Treasures,” nothing annoys a pirate more than stealing his bride. Married by proxy, Captain Phoenix, aka Sebastian Blake, Earl of Merrick, has done just that. Now that he has the beautiful Olivia Merrick, he has no intentions of letting her go. In “Lucien’s Gamble,” what would drive a beautiful debutante to dress as a man and frequent a gentleman’s club? Lucien Remington, who has built his fortune on society’s gambling habits, intends to gamble his own heart to find out when he captures the Lady Julienne La Coeur. And in “Her Mad Grace,” Hugh La Coeur finds himself stranded at the neglected mansion run by Charlotte Glenmoore and her menagerie of offbeat servants. Secrets and the possibility of hidden treasure seduce the fine Lord of Montrose, even as he tries to seduce Charlotte.

These three Regency-period erotic novellas, set in locales ranging from the British West Indies to London, will appeal to readers who prefer that nothing in the bedroom be left to the imagination. The characters’ lack of depth is more than made up for in their “performance,” and the prose just barely avoids the color purple. If you enjoy characters who are driven to pure lust by a mere look, and jump into bed with nary a thought to the consequences, this book is a must read.