Babylon: A Novel of Jewish Captivity

Written by Michelle Cameron
Review by Elizabeth K. Corbett

Babylon tells the heartbreaking story of the Judean exile in the 6th century BCE. Sarah is a beautiful young Judean woman whose life is turned upside down the day the ruthless Babylonians arrive. She and her people are immediately pressed into slavery and forced to walk to Babylon. The Judeans face unspeakable horrors on the cruel journey and in the alien land. This book focuses on the lives of Sarah, Seraf, and Uri, along with many other characters, during their time in Babylon.

Babylon is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that tells the story of the Jewish people from their own perspective. Therein lies its beauty. I was blown away by Cameron’s strong characterizations, and it was fascinating to learn about the cultures of the Judeans, Babylonians, and Persians. The story is filled with rich descriptions of temples, palaces, ancient customs and traditions, and politics. The pacing is steady overall, but there are times when the story becomes a bit slow. This is an engrossing read, and I will definitely read books by this author in the future.