Athos & Milady in the Beginning

Written by Jennifer M. Fulford
Review by Anne Holt

…the early heart-breaking romance of Milady de Winter and Athos before their paths cross in ‘The Three Musketeers.’ Setting aside good judgment, Athos is lured into a seductive relationship with the young Anne, whose eventual betrayal propels him into a life by the sword.”

Continuing where Dumas left off – or rather going back to before he started – Athos and Milady In The Beginning is book two of The Musketeer Series.

Athos is caught within the manipulative scheming of Milady, the characters’ natures are flawed as they both want the stars and the moon but never really achieve what they crave – such are the disappointments in life. As an exploration into the whys and wherefores of Athos’s attraction to the woman who is the love of his life, this is a fascinating book to read. I must admit, however, both in this narrative and Dumas’s original I cannot quite figure out what the dashing and heroic Athos ever saw in the figure of Milady de Winter. Sex appeal, I suppose has always had its attractions!

This story is possibly not for those who shy away from earthy, descriptive scenes of sex and seduction, but Musketeers fans of the original novels, and the present day TV drama series, will enjoy the romp.