Aprons and Silver Spoons

Written by Mollie Moran
Review by Mike Ashworth

At fourteen years old Mollie is told that she must find a job. Without any skills, she takes a job as a scullery maid for the Stocks family, comprising of a father and son. Mollie finds herself in a structured hierarchy, working a 15-hour day in a variety of dirty, menial jobs. However, this is a time of social change, and there are opportunities for ambitious young women. Armed with a determination to succeed, Mollie gains promotion to kitchen maid, and eventually cook in her own right for another member of the gentry.

However, this is much more than just a “life below stairs” story. It is one of a headstrong, stubborn, dynamic, and at times wilful young woman who is determined to live life on her terms. The opportunity to meet boys may be limited, but nevertheless Mollie finds herself in a series of relationships which threaten her reputation. This is also a social history, effectively portraying life and times of the 1920s and ’30s as Blackshirts parade through the streets of London, and war comes to the land. An enjoyable read. Recommended.