Angels of North County

Written by T. Owen O’Connor
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

When the Civil War ends, some veterans, called “Angels” by the author, settle in North County in the Northwest to raise horses. White Lion and his Indian renegades attack the Criss-Cross Ranch, steal the horses, kill rancher Gabriel McCallum’s brothers, and kidnap his two young sisters. The local ranchers gather together and ride south through predominantly Indian territory to rescue the girls and kill the renegades.

This novel is book one of the North County trilogy. The story revolves among the points of view of three main characters: Raif Hanson, who has become a reckless killer, and ranchers Gabriel McCallum and John Michael Walker. The author includes backstory about Gabriel and Walker from when they served in the Civil War, while other chapters devoted to the main events and characters help provide a deeper understanding of their personalities. I also found it helpful to have a list of the main and supporting characters. I look forward to reading the next book, because I like the author’s style and his interesting way of developing the characters as he keeps the story moving forward.