Angels Flight

Written by James Scott Bell Tracie Peterson
Review by Don E. Hill

This story takes place in Los Angeles at the turn of the century and points out the plight of the Chinese and Mexican population. A Chinese immigrant is threatened with deportation, as she is accused of being a prostitute. Whether she is or not is immaterial to Kit Shannon, a female lawyer.

A Mexican yard worker is accused of raping and beating a young maid from one of the mansions, and his sister turns to Kit for help. Prejudice raises its ugly head in both of these cases, and Shannon must find the truth. Another aspect is brought forth when Clarence Darrow is brought in to defend a man whom Kit has already convicted. Kit is also put in a corner by a challenge from a reformed preacher and Clarence Darrow to debate evolution and religion.

Romance is present in the form of a very gentle man who strives to help Kit with her cases. Another suitor, her old friend Fox, is tied up in trying to design a plane with only one wing. The consequences are startling, at the very least, and cause the reader to look forward to the next story.