The Angel in the Glass (A Gabriel Taverner Mystery Book 2)

Written by Alys Clare
Review by Anna Bennett

Gabriel Taverner, an early 17th-century physician, looks after more than just the physical well-being of his small West Country village. When a homeless man is found dead, a family closes ranks, and the parish rector becomes unwell, Gabriel must again turn to sleuthing to uncover the mysteries looming over Tavy St. Luke’s. Aided by the coroner and local midwife, Gabriel’s digging sheds new light on each mystery—and on the unexpected connections between them all. While making his rounds and discovering clues, Gabriel weaves readers into his daily life and social norms.

Clare’s The Angel in the Glass is the second in her Taverner series, although the book is well-written and can function as a stand-alone for those intrigued without access to its predecessor, A Rustle of Silk. Set in 1604, the novel is decade-appropriate without bringing readers too deeply into the historical setting. Rather, Clare focuses her story on the mysteries and elusive clues that Taverner strings together to gain the full picture. Readers will enjoy treading the path as Gabriel does, joining him on the classic search: whodunit?!