And Then She Fell

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Twenty-nine-year-old Henrietta Cynster is often called “The Matchbreaker” because she helps young women of the ton determine whether their suitors are truly in love or merely seeking marriage for financial advantage. Although Henrietta is content in her spinsterhood (an unusual attitude for a woman in 1837) she acquiesces to her younger sister’s request that she wear the heirloom amethyst charm that will lead her to her true hero. When James Glossup engages her services to help him find a bride in time to meet a deadline required by his aunt’s will, Henrietta discovers for herself the power of the charm. As Henrietta’s romance with James grows, so does the realization that someone is trying to kill her. The game is soon afoot as Henrietta and James, along with the entire Cynster family, race to discover the identity of the murderer before it is too late.

Henrietta is an appealing heroine whose confidence and strength of purpose are balanced by her compassion and generosity. Her younger sister, Mary, also shines with her effervescent personality. This latest addition to Laurens’ series of novels about the Cynster family provides an enjoyable romp with characters that readers have come to love.