Anchor in the Storm: Waves of Freedom, #2

Written by Sarah Sundin
Review by Lauren Miller

During World War II, Lillian Avery, an intrepid small-town girl, is finally given a chance to prove herself as a female pharmacist in big-city Boston. Familiar with hardship, she cannot imagine having anything in common with handsome, but awkward, Ensign Archer Vandenberg, her brother’s best friend. But when Lillian receives large orders for an addictive sedative, and Archer notices symptoms of the sedative in his own crew, they’ll have to put their heads together to try to discover if there’s a link, in this intense story of hardship, danger and adventure, at home and abroad.

Sundin delivers another thrilling mystery with enough twists to leave the reader in suspense and characters displaying grit and courage, but are still flawed and, occasionally, prejudiced against one another. Sundin draws on her professional background in pharmacy to create an engaging historical romance story with enough technical details to sound authentic, and she includes some historical figures in the drama. This title also includes a teaser for book three, which centers around Lillian’s older brother, Lieutenant Daniel Avery, and which will conclude the series focusing on the Avery family.