An Unexpected Love

Written by Judith Miller Tracie Peterson
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

This second book in The Broadmoor Legacy continues the story of cousins Sophie, Fanny, and Amanda Broadmoor, three heiresses who, in 1897, live in Rochester, New York. Uncle Jonas, who does not want to lose control of Fanny’s money, sends the trio to England, and pays his lackey, Daniel Irwin, to court Fanny on the voyage despite her previous engagement to Michael Atwell. When the girls arrive in England, Sophie ignores the warnings of her father’s friend, Paul Medford, and succumbs to the charms of the handsome widower, Wesley Hedrick. The three cousins return to Rochester where Fanny awaits word from the Klondike of her fiancé, Sophie pursues her romance with Wesley, and Amanda applies to medical school.

This story would be significantly more enjoyable if the series had been published as a single novel. There is no introduction to the various characters, and no dominant storyline. It is also frustrating that nothing happens in England that could not have occurred in New York, which makes the journey feel like an elaborate plot device. On the plus side, the writing is smooth, the plot twists are unexpected, and the characters are interesting enough to create curiosity as their future.