An Heiress to Remember: The Gilded Age Girls Club

Written by MAYA RODALE
Review by Anna Bennett

Set in the Gilded Age of New York City, An Heiress to Remember opens with American heiress Beatrice Goodwin choosing a life of duty over a life with love. Sixteen years later, she’s back in New York City and determined to live life without a cage. Unfortunately, the beloved family department store has suffered under her brother’s leadership, and her mother is determined to re-match her. Even if she possesses the ingenuity and strength to turn Goodwin’s around, she will find herself formidably opposed. Beatrice has never forgotten her first love, and he has never forgiven her.

An Heiress to Remember is the third in Rodale’s non-sequential Gilded Age series, and explores the freedoms (and lack thereof) enjoyed by women as the century turns. Inspired by historical people and events, Rodale’s Beatrice is a vibrant and take-no-prisoners woman surrounded by a supportive group of female entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Modern narrative style sets Rodale’s voice apart and brings a fresh angle to the genre.