An Eye for an Eye: The Tales of Zebadiah Creed, Book One

Written by Mark C. Jackson
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Fur trappers Zebadiah Creed and his brother Jonathan are traveling the lower Missouri River in the late summer of 1835. One evening while camping, they are bushwhacked, their pelts stolen; Jonathan is killed and Zebadiah is left for dead. Nursed back to health by a local Quaker doctor and his daughter, Zebadiah seeks revenge. On his trip down the Mississippi by riverboat, his destination St. Louis and eventually New Orleans, he meets a new friend, Billy Frieze, who provides help. Zebadiah faces almost insurmountable odds, meeting unusual characters along the way: Frenchy, a sadistic saloon owner in St. Louis; Madam Sophie and the patrons of her bordello in New Orleans; and Olgens Pierre, a free black man who helps Zebadiah accomplish his mission.

I loved this book. What an exciting, fast-paced, action-packed, gripping story with a dramatic conclusion! This is the author’s first novel, and I will be anxious to read the next in the series. I had difficulty putting this book down. The dialog and drama make it one of my favorites this year.