An Army of One

Written by Tony Schumacher
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

It’s hard being a cop in dystopian universes! Police inspector John Rossett is just trying to serve and protect in the third entry of this post-WWII alternative history series. Known as the British Lion for his wartime service, he is now, with his German partner, on the hunt for a rogue SS officer and marksman, Captain Bauer, known as The Bear. The chase takes them to Liverpool, where the Nazis have less of a stranglehold. In this bombed-out port, criminal networks and the British resistance hold some power, complicating Rossett’s job. And besides a plot to smuggle large amounts of gold to what’s left of the Free World, the Bear loves the challenge of having a worthy opponent in Rossett. He cuts a murderous path to get into man-to-man combat with the person he deems a worthy adversary.

Author Tony Schumacher’s alternative history is not focused on big events but a realistic landscape of urban despair. His conflicted hero and cohorts experience enough bombing, sniper attacks, and fistfights to fulfill thriller readers’ expectations. And though he has as many regrets as heroics, fans of the single-minded John Rossett novels might be assured that he will keep going while there is still justice to be served.