Always a Princess

Written by Clyve Rose
Review by Susan McDuffie

1814: Captain Wil Clifton leaves a night of gambling in London for a duel on the outskirts of his family estate. Rather than the Earl of Haversham, his expected opponent, Wil finds the Earl’s second, Valkin Brishen, the head of the Romany House Brishen. Wil wounds Valkin in the duel and arranges for Valkin to recover at Clifton House, tended by the gypsy’s sister, Syeira, an accomplished healer. As her brother convalesces, Syeira cannot disregard the growing attraction between her host and herself. Nor can Wil. He has no thoughts of any romance; his goal is an army commission. Neither is Syeira free; she is promised to another, bound by Romany traditions. However, love may have other plans for the two.

This is a pleasantly sensual historical romance. The focus on Romany culture provides an interesting twist to a story set in the Regency era, although I confess I found the setup required some suspension of disbelief on my part. Well written, the attraction between the two lovers is palpable, and readers who enjoy historical romance will want to give this one a try.