All Things Hidden

Written by Kimberley Woodhouse Tracie Peterson
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Gwyn Hillerman is worried. Working as a nurse in her father’s Alaskan medical practice, Gwyn has always taken comfort in her peaceful surroundings. But now President Roosevelt has authorized the Matanuska Colonization, which will send 200 new families to Alaska. Gwyn is happy to see Alaska thriving, but her fear of change is overwhelming. Jeremiah Vaughan has a secret. His medical license has been stripped away, and he is traveling to Alaska to work with his former mentor, Dr. Harold Hillerman—who doesn’t know that Jeremiah’s secret. When Jeremiah develops feelings for Dr. Hillerman’s daughter Gwyn, things become even more complicated. Can Gwyn overcome her fear? Can Jeremiah find the courage to reveal his secret? Will the appearance of a madman rip the two apart forever?

The debut novel of writing team Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, All Things Hidden is a fascinating look at the Matanuska Colonization, and a group of Depression-era pioneers. It is well-written with an engaging plot and interesting characters. The historical detail is remarkable, as is the description of the Alaskan landscape. In many ways, Alaska becomes a character in and of itself in this brilliant work of Christian historical fiction.