All that Glitters (A Great Western Detective League Case)

Written by Paul Colt
Review by Xina Marie Uhl

As a title in the Great Western Detective League Case series, this tale pairs up the experienced duo of Briscoe Cane and Beau Longstreet to handle a case rife with jewel heists, criminal syndicates, diamond mines, Cajun criminals, sly henchmen, beautiful thieves, and if that’s not enough, jailbreak, bribery, murder, and double-crosses. Whew! If you doubt the author’s ability to include all this derring-do in 305 measly pages, let me assure you that he does so with a distinctive style.

This tale is heavy on the plot and light as a feather on character. Readers risk whiplash from jumping back and forth between the first and third person. The dialogue is short and clipped, providing limited information on the setting and characters (even the main ones). If you seek emotional depth from your characters, go elsewhere.

Once you adjust to the author’s style—if you can manage to do so—you’ll enjoy the action, reaction, and explosions of this Old West era adventure by an experienced author. The historical detail is accurate and helps transport you into the hard-driving world of days gone by.