Agent in the Shadows (The Wolf Pack Spies, 3)

Written by Alex Gerlis
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

Lyon, June 1943. A secret meeting is held in the capital city of the French resistance to Nazi occupation. The objective is to unify all the resistance factions in order to be mobilized as a second front for the impending Allied landings on the continent. However, this meeting is raided by the new head of Gestapo, Klaus Barbie – the Butcher of Lyon. The plan is in tatters, the resistance leaders are captured – and everything points to a high-level traitor. Jack Miller and Sophia von Naundorf are sent to uncover the informer and rally the resistance… if they can achieve this in time. With the most notorious Gestapo head pressuring the already-determined Nazis, can this mission succeed?

Third in a series, this is a tense wartime thriller of note. Incredibly well researched, it throws some light and detail on a period of French history, especially for readers who couldn’t imagine conditions under German occupation. Very atmospheric, very involving. My only gripe? It is slow to start, to give colour to secondary characters. But it soon recovers.