Against the Wind (Agents of the Crown, Book 2)

Written by Regan Walker
Review by Teresa Devine

A classic case of mistaken identity kicks off the winning second book in Walker’s Agents of the Crown series. Agent Sir Martin Powell, embittered by personal losses during his years of serving his Prince in intelligence contests with the forces of Napoleon, is indulging himself with a night at an exclusive London bordello when he encounters Lady Katherine “Kit” Egerton, who is taking refuge there from the violent schemes of her brother-in-law, the Earl of Rutledge, who seeks to abduct her for his own now that his wife, Kit’s sister, is dead.

Sir Martin’s next mission for the Crown sends him to investigate rumors of a possible uprising in the Midlands, a series of tense adventures bring him closer and closer to Kit and her own secrets. Walker unfolds her multi-faceted story with expert pacing, some very good dialogue, and an excellent attention to detail, and her Sir Martin is a memorably interesting hero, as tough as he is gentle. Readers of Walker’s other Agents of the Crown novels will appreciate several interwoven strands in this second book, but Against the Wind can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone Regency of captivating energy.