Against the Tide

Written by Elizabeth Revill

Nathaniel Brookes is a man on a mission of retribution. After witnessing the murder of his father, a Customs Riding Officer, by a band of ruthless, cutthroat smugglers, Nathaniel swears that he will find his father’s murderers and bring them to justice.  Leaving behind a medical career, Nathaniel follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a Riding Officer.

In rural Wales, Nathaniel finds life is more difficult than he expected, ostracised, alienated, hated and in danger; can Nathaniel end the corruption and make the Bristol Channel safe for sailors?

Against the Tide is a terrific read. Interesting because it has a slightly different aspect to it, most books seem to be written from the side of the smuggler; the family man desperately trying to scrape a meagre living to keep his family alive, or the roguish pirate.

The Riding Officer and Customs Men are the enemy.  An enemy that you can hopefully bribe to keep away or, if push comes to shove, can get rid of them in a more terminal manner. It is a pleasant a change to hear the side of the men trying to uphold the law.  A very good change, a highly enjoyable read and Against The Tide could lend itself very well to a series of books, or serialisation for television.