After Clare

Written by Marjorie Eccles
Review by Jane Kessler

In 1922, widowed Lady Emily Fitzallen returns home for the first time since her marriage many years ago. Her sister Clare disappeared from their ancestral home, Leysmorton Manor, shortly after Emily‘s marriage and has never been found. Then a body is discovered buried on the grounds of the estate and everyone wonders if it could be Clare. It turns out to be a young soldier who had worked at Leysmorton before the war. But when did he return, and who killed him?

This country house murder is peopled with the usual characters with the usual secrets, but they’re well done, and there are enough suspects that you’re not sure whodunit till the end. The country house setting is delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of the rooms, the furniture, the gardens, and how the house was used as a convalescent home during the war. A very pleasant read.