About a Rogue: Desperately Seeking Duke

Written by Caroline Linden
Review by Ray Thompson

1787. Bianca Tate has no interest in marriage. She is a talented glazer at the successful pottery owned by her father, but when he arranges a marriage between her sister and a Mr. St James, she flies into a rage, aware that Catherine is in love with the local curate. Since her father remains obdurate, she helps her sister elope, only to find that she must wed in her stead to avoid breach of contract.

Max, however, is not the elegant rake she assumes. Though related to a wealthy duke, his life has been a struggle, and he possesses the acumen to contribute to the growth of the business, especially expanding sales. Despite the unexpected switch, moreover, he treats his new wife with patience and respect; but will the fiery Bianca give him a chance to prove his worth?

They are a likeable couple, and their progress towards true love is involving, not least because of the lessons learned and the touches of ironic humor provided. Valuable insights are gained into the pottery industry, the vulnerability of women in a patriarchal society, and, in the novella in the Kindle edition, how servants are affected by their employers’ actions.

Highly recommended