Abigail’s Story

Written by Ann Burton
Review by India Edghill

Abigail of Carmel is beautiful and intelligent, and hopes some day to become a pottery-maker like her father. But when her brother incurs a huge gambling debt to the greedy and cruel Nabal – a debt Nabal knows he cannot pay – Abigail sets aside her dreams of independence and happiness and persuades Nabal to marry her to free her brother from his obligation. Although Nabal exiles her to the hills to manage his sheep herders and flocks, Abigail tries to be a good and loyal wife. She grows to enjoy the work and to admire the people under her care, and finds a kind of peace, even though she has fallen in love with a man not her husband – the warrior David.

But the peace is illusory: civil war ravages the land as King Saul battles his protégé David, now an unwilling rebel. When the miserly Nabal refuses David’s request for food and supplies, David vows to destroy Nabal and all his servants. It takes all of Abigail’s tact and skill to persuade David to spare Nabal… and she is rewarded by gaining true happiness for herself.

Abigail’s Story is a nice, competently done novel; it ends with Nabal’s timely natural death and Abigail’s marriage to David. I’d hoped to read more about her life as David’s wife, rather than about her early years – but perhaps that will be another story!