A True Love of Mine

Written by Margaret Thornton
Review by Sara Wilson

At the turn of the century little Maddy Moon, daughter of a local undertaker, meets Jessie on the sands of her Scarborough home. The girls become fast friends, but all is not well with the Moon family business. Tension between her father, William, and Bella, his employee is making homelife uncomfortable. There are secrets that could ruin lives and when her mother, Clara, falls dangerously ill Maddy’s life is set to change forever.

Impending tragedy bring Maddy and Jessie’s families closer together and the girls lives are to become more entwined than even they could imagine.

Pierrot shows, ice cream, sun, sand and oompah bands – Edwardian Scarborough is evocatively remembered in this marvellous family saga. With characters and story this warm and engaging, fans of the genre are bound to be well-satisfied. Another winning recipe from Margaret Thornton.