A Treasure Concealed

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Emily Carver hides her beauty under a battered men’s overcoat so the woman-hungry Yogo City, Montana miners of 1895 won’t bother her. Emily’s father Henry invites a chance-met geologist, Caeden Thibault, to their claim, where Emily and Caeden have a “meet cute” moment as he walks in on her as she finishes her bath. But Henry has an enemy, Kirk Davies, who claims that Henry killed his brother in California. The Carvers’ cabin is set on fire, with tragic consequences for the family. As Caeden tries to help the Carvers recover, he realizes he’s falling in love with Emily. But romance is blocked by Caeden’s being manipulated into a sham engagement to the daughter of his father’s unscrupulous business partner.  And Kirk Davies returns, bent on further revenge.

Peterson includes historical Montanans as minor characters in the plot, and the discovery of noted Yogo sapphires is woven into the story. The religious content is heavy only in places where it’s relevant, such as when a distraught Emily seeks counseling from a local pastor. The plot could benefit from some tightening, but the romance is satisfying. This first volume in the Sapphire Brides series will gratify Christian fiction fans.