A Treacherous Curse

Written by Deanna Raybourn
Review by Ilysa Magnus

Honestly, if Raybourn published a new Speedwell book every week, I would find time in my crazy schedule to read it! This series is delightful, while being informative and honest about the times and the people who inhabited them.

In 1888 London, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell is still collecting butterflies and sharing space with her enigma of a non-quite romantic friend, Stoker. When Stoker’s former expedition partner vanishes from an Egyptian archaeological site with a priceless artifact— purportedly removed from a newly-discovered Egyptian princess’s tomb—Speedwell just can’t help herself from diving in full throttle to try to solve the mystery. That she is doubly involved because Stoker’s name is being tarnished (again) makes this investigation all the more delightful and complex. But trouble abounds everywhere, from Stoker’s ex-wife to her family to malevolent fiends of all kinds, including appearances by Anubis, who seems to be stalking the London streets.

Speedwell is my heroine. She is smart, funny, snide, and an anomaly in her own time: she just won’t tolerate societal restraints. Stoker (I would really like to meet this guy) is equally smart, snide and accomplished. The chemistry between them is undeniable. The characters are all—well—characters! Well plotted, fast-paced and utterly engaging. If you have time to read just one of this series, do it! Most highly recommended.