A Travel in Time to Grand Pre

Written by Michele Doucette
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 2005, Madeline St. Clair celebrates her 26th birthday by attending Acadian Day at Grand Pre Historic Park in Canada. Inexplicably, Madeline finds herself traveling back to 1754, where, through the guidance of a fellow time traveler, Madam Pêche, she comes to comprehend her family’s history and their historical importance. As Madeline learns about her ancestors, she falls in love with local Michel LeBlanc, and together they discover their unique destiny.

This novel reads like a travel journal, and Doucette’s historical research is evident on each page. She includes genealogy charts, inspirational quotes, and poems to connect readers to the history of the French Acadians. Readers will gain great perspective on the Knights Templar and Merovingians, and the spiritual undertones will appeal to fans of mystical fiction. Recommended for anyone interested in the history of the French Acadians.