A Texan’s Honor

Written by Shelley Gray

In 1874, the American Civil War has been over for almost a decade, but the consequences still reverberate in the lives of ordinary people throughout the country. Families are shattered, and thousands of ex-soldiers believe that all they are good for is to “hold a rifle and shoot to kill.” Will McMillan has parlayed his military skills into a career with the Federal Marshals, while fellow Texan, Scout Proffitt, became a professional gunslinger. Both men join the infamous Walton Gang, Will as an undercover agent and Scout as a hired killer. When beautiful Jamie Ellis is taken hostage in a train robbery, each man is forced to acknowledge how far he has strayed from the honorable behavior he was taught in his childhood.

There is a depth to Gray’s writing that strikes me as unusual in a book that is such a light read that I finished it in an afternoon. The flow of language is smooth, the plot exciting, and the themes well-developed; but more than that, when I turned the last page I felt wiser for having shared in the struggles of her characters. This very enjoyable romance is surely destined to become a favorite of many readers.