A Tapestry of Dreams

Written by Roberta Gellis
Review by Jeanne Greene

Set during in the 12th century, A Tapestry of Dreams takes place in the northern marches where English landowners, caught up in the rivalry between Matilda and Stephen, engage in a bloody struggle against their Scottish neighbors. High atop a rock promontory, Jernaeve is the only English fort unassailable from without. There Lady Audris works at her loom in safety, weaving tapestries prized for beauty and uniqueness. Sometimes, however, she weaves a story of danger yet to come. To avoid accusations of witchcraft, Audris denies foreknowledge. She believes her gift comes from God; and her people revere her ability to protect them.

Audris is content with her life. She has no wish to marry but when the story of a handsome unicorn begins to develop beneath her shuttle, the lady realizes that neither her heart nor her castle will be impregnable from within.

This fine historical novel was originally published in 1985. This should not deter readers in search of a well-written, thoroughly researched, medieval romance. A Tapestry of Dreams is one to savor.