A Sudden Dawn: A Martial Arts Novel


DaMo, the nickname for Bodhidharma, begins his life as the privileged son of a military official in 6th-centuryIndia. Skilled in every aspect of a soldier’s life, Sardili, as he was originally named, is distracted and mesmerized by the teachings of a renowned Buddhist Master, Prajnatara. Infuriating and deeply disappointing his father, Sardili declares he must seek a different purpose in life.

After a few years of this wandering and seemingly futile quest, Sardili experiences a life-changing spiritual moment. He is able to understand the oneness of life, admitting at the same time that the Buddhist sutras and other texts are necessary guides for beginning the spiritual life. Now he accepts Prajnatara’s vision, spreading Buddhism in far-awayChina. In the midst of this profound life cycle, the Bodhidharma meets a young soldier, Kuang, escaping a murder conviction of a fellow soldier. After causing the loss of the Bodhidharma’s dearest friend, Kuang seeks to follow the Way as penance and redemption. He receives a series of peaceful training juxtaposed by intense military arts training from his Master,DaMo. Together they travel through the treacherous mountains of Tibet and land leading to China.

Nature, animals, and human enemies present formidable, unending challenges along this journey, but DaMo uses all to foster the spirit of the Buddhist Way. Humor, pathos, sarcasm, meditation, and provocative challenges fill their days. All leads to the founding of the famed Shaolin Temple and new style of Buddhism in China by DaMo and Kuang (now called Brother Ko). Whether you are a fan of the martial arts, a follower of spiritual living, or one who just loves a great adventure story, you’ll find those elements and much more.  Delightful, inspiring novel!

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