A Spell of Swallows

Written by Sarah Harrison
Review by Linda Sole

When John Ashe first saw Eadenford, he decided it would do. This cryptic phrase hangs over us throughout the book while we wonder what he meant. Sarah Harrison is a master of suspense and keeps us hanging on page by page as we follow the workings of a devious mind.

We are introduced to the worthy of rather dull Saxon Mariner, amongst others. Vicar and poet, he uses his passion for his wife Vivien as a pleasant recreation, rather as an appendage to his satisfaction with his life and his sense of importance. Hardly surprising that his wife might be tempted by danger—but it is the unfolding of Ashe’s story that tells us why he is seemingly bent on destruction. Hatred is a terrible thing when taken to the extreme.

This book will haunt you. It isn’t a pleasant, easy read, but the author never intended it should be. The quality of her work makes it something you will remember for a long time.