A Song for Arbonne

Written by Guy Gavriel Kay
Review by Viviane Crystal

In this novel celebrating the troubadour era of medieval Europe, Arbonne is a land dedicated to the female goddess Rian and a Court of Love. Romantic, chivalric lyrics are the tools which transform the relationships of knights and fair maidens, royal or otherwise. But the peace in such an idyllic paradise is marred by the King of Gorhaut, the cruel yet intelligent lord of a land where the male god Corannos dominates all women. Blaise, a bitter mercenary, arrives in Arbonne only to be tempted beyond his determination to single-minded military service. It takes some time for all the characters to awaken to the intricate complexities of rivalry between Bertran de Talair and Urte de Miraval; the magical skills of Arbonne’s queen, her daughter, and the High Priestess of Rian; and revelations shaping a shattering betrayal that will affect both kingdoms. Although A Song for Arbonne is a fantasy novel, it clearly portrays a well researched historical era that is sure to fascinate readers. Guy Gavriel Kay remains a master craftsman of historical fiction.