A Silken Thread: A Novel

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Alice Cochran

Facing a lifelong sentence of caretaking for her mother, Laurel seeks a loophole in which she can have a family and please her older siblings, who have issued this charge of servitude. If Laurel can snag a husband wealthy enough to provide for both her and her mother, she could have her cake and eat it too. Hoping to expose herself to more potential beaus, Laurel obtains a position at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition. This is where she attracts the young, dashing, and rich Langston Rochester, who has ulterior motives for pursuing their courtship. Langston has been given an ultimatum by his father: find a wife and settle down or be replaced as the heir to the Rochester estate. Enter Willie Sharp, who works as a security guard at the exposition. Besides his work there, Willie is the guardian of his recently disabled father, who needs constant attention and care. While money is not a concern for Langston, it is an issue for Willie, who needs to pay for his father’s medical expenses. In 1880s Georgia, Laurel searches for not only a man to make her heart sing, but also a backbone to realize and stand for her beliefs.

A Silken Thread is a delightfully predictable tale. Sawyer does a remarkable job of capturing the naïveté of a teenage girl looking for love without compromising the integrity of the character. This book offers a welcome escape for any reader yearning for a light page turner. While the ending can be assumed from page 45 onward, the journey of the tale is an enjoyable diversion. Recommended for anyone looking to be taken on a romantic adventure.