A Secret Affair

Written by Mary Balogh

After ten years of marriage to the ancient Duke of Dunbarton, and one year of mourning his death, his thirty-year-old Duchess is eager to rejoin society at the start of London’s Spring Season. She is even more eager to take a lover. Her idea is to take a temporary lover and then discard him at the end of the Season. She chooses Constantine Huxtable because his reputation as a love-them-leave-them rake will ensure a swift and clean break at the end of the season, which is what she thinks she wants. The Duchess’s reputation is too racy for Con’s taste. They engage in some cat and mouse games before they succumb to their mutual desires, and learn some surprising facts about each other.

Ms Balogh employs an amusing, tongue-in-cheek style for A Secret Affair, the fifth and last book in the Huxtable Series. This Regency romance would be a delightful end to this series if it didn’t leave the reader wanting more.