A Scandalous Publication

Written by Sandra Heath
Review by Sara Wilson

When Charlotte Wyndham first crosses swords with Sir Max Talgarth, the sparks inevitably begin to fly. She feels aggrieved by his apparently callous attitude to her family’s near destitution, and he is aggravated by her cool condescension and obvious disdain. Each determines to get the better of the other. Inspired by the recent success of Lady Caroline Lamb’s roman à clef, Glenarvon, Charlotte sets out to write her own scandalous publication – for her eyes only. Unfortunately other people also have a grudge against Sir Max, and her novel is stolen and offered for sale without her knowledge.

Too late to stop the print run, and only now aware of her true feelings for Sir Max, Charlotte has her work cut out to persuade society of her innocence and convince Max of the depth of her newfound love.

Anyone looking for a lighthearted romp through early 19th-century society need go no further than A Scandalous Publication. Sparky and good-natured, the novel races along in true Regency romance style. Not one to be taken too seriously, but enjoyable nonetheless.