A Rogue’s Game

Written by Renee Bernard
Review by B. J. Sedlock

The title rogue is Victorian-era playboy Julian Clay, Earl of Westerleigh, who is attracted to a young woman he meets at a gambling salon. Eve Reynolds, an expert card player, is being used by her unscrupulous uncle to fleece money from the members of the ton unwary enough to play with her. A mutual attraction soon flares into a passionate affair. Will the scheming Lady Shelbrook, who wants Julian for her own, come between them? Can Julian rescue Eve from her money-hungry uncle?

Sensual romance fans will appreciate the frequent, ultra-steamy bedroom scenes. Since historical accuracy isn’t the first priority of the genre, I won’t nitpick over some plot absurdities, other than to say that one of Bernard’s sexual euphemisms conjures up an odd mental image, resulting in unintended humor. Some of the characters also appear in prior volumes of the author’s Mistress trilogy, but it’s not necessary to have read those first. Ultimately, readers’ enjoyment will depend on whether they prefer a book’s emphasis to be on “tale” or “tail.”