A Rogue of My Own

Written by Johanna Lindsey
Review by Mike Ashworth

Lady Rebecca Marshall has been appointed a Maid of Honour at Queen Victoria’s court. For a young woman of eighteen this was comparable to attending the most elite finishing school in the world. However, Rebecca soon finds herself in the murky world of court politics when she is asked to spy on other members of court. Reluctantly she agrees. Her life is made more complicated when she becomes involved with Rupert St John, a handsome guest at the palace with a reputation as a womanizer. Rebecca allows herself, despite her best intentions, to be seduced by the handsome rogue, with the calamitous result of her falling pregnant. St John initially refuses to believe that she is pregnant, seeing it as a ruse to persuade him to marry her. Eventually he agrees to marry her on the condition that the marriage is in name only, until it is proven that she is not pregnant – at which time he will have the marriage annulled and she will be disgraced. Will hate turn to love? Will the rogue change his ways and accept his responsibilities?

The book captures the spirit and times of the Victorian era, and life at court. The main characters are well drawn and believable. The plot and subplots are well written. This is a romantic historical novel from a writer at her best. Johanna Lindsey’s many fans will enjoy this, while those new to the genre or author will find this book a good place to start.