A Rogue by Night (The Devils of Dover)

Written by Kelly Bowen
Review by Ray Thompson

When Dr. Harland Hayward, Baron Strathmore, arrives at their humble cottage and offers help, Katherine Wright is suspicious. In her experience, male doctors are usually dismissive of her surgical skills and aristocrats not to be trusted. Nor can she understand why an aristocrat would protect a family of smugglers from pursuit by soldiers enforcing the law. But her brother is badly wounded, and she needs assistance to save him. A relationship that begins so reluctantly steadily develops into love, but it is a hazardous journey: not only do physical dangers lie ahead, but both protagonists bear emotional scars and conceal troubling secrets.

This blend of Regency romance and suspenseful adventure features another of Bowen’s strong female heroes. Katherine is a skilled surgeon, experienced smuggler, and resourceful negotiator with nerves of steel. No wonder Harland is impressed. So is every man she deals with and rightly so. He loves her enough to take a bullet fired at her and thus proves his worth, but it is she who dominates the story. Strongly recommended.