A Remedy In Time

Written by Jennifer Macaire
Review by Edward James

Time travel is nonsense, but with Jennifer Macaire it is always entertaining nonsense, and she makes it seem almost credible. Whereas with other time travel authors the act of going back in time is usually instant and painless, something magical and often accidental, Macaire’s characters have to train for it, and it is as traumatic as a major operation, with unpleasant and sometimes fatal side effects.

This time Macaire’s time traveller goes into prehistory, 13,000 years back to the Mesolithic period, when the Earth was emerging from the last Ice Age. She meets plenty of prehistoric megafauna, notably a sabre-toothed tiger, but only one human. The conflict in the narrative is provided by a rival group of time travellers who are seeking a vaccine to combat a modern pandemic. They are working on behalf of a pharmaceutical corporation which has engineered the pandemic in order to market the vaccine (how’s that for a conspiracy theory?). I don’t think I am giving anything away if I say that the heroine survives all her prehistoric perils, vanquishes the baddies and returns to her own time to save humanity.

You’ll enjoy finding out how she does this, and you’ll learn a lot about prehistoric animals.