A Regency Sampler

Written by Kelly Ferjutz Ed.
Review by Marcia K. Matthews

There’s a lot to like in these fifteen stories by various authors. The bon ton of the Regency, the cant, the wit and grace are all here, as well as some darker strains. Fresh, original voices guarantee an amusing read.

In “Belvedere”, Jo Manning veers into Gothic. In “Neptune’s Quizzing Glass”, Sandra Heath dives into fantasy. “A Singular Woman” by Nina Caron Davis features a heroine of color. The rest of the collection plays variations on the romantic themes Jane Austen explored.

Outstanding for its style and immediacy is “An Unusual Correspondence” by Susan McDuffe. Lady Eveline Mytton writes to Angela Rothley, who has consented to wed the Earl of Denby. Eveline is thrilled to address her friend as the Countess of Denby, but becomes concerned by hints in Angela’s letters that all is not well. The women’s personalities and affection shine through.

“A Lady of Discretion” by Janna Lewis is another light-hearted romp full of witty ripostes. “You have always had the damnedest luck with females, Adrian, but finding one in a tree—well, this has to top ‘em all!” says Gregory.

Like a good syllabub, A Regency Sampler froths over with entertainment.